Wasteland.com – Turning The Paige: Chapter 3 Ami Mercury & Paige Pierce & Doc Clockwork 2017 Pierced Nipples

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Chapter 3 – To Have And Have Not –In this third installment of some 7-part episodic series inspired by the literary works of Ernest Hemingway, we see the Experts domestic winner, Ami dusting his dungeon and conversing with Paige. Ami determines its time tor a few drama and seduces Paige. After some hot girl-on-girl actions, Master Doc grabs them en route. As a punishment, he puts them through the paces in a timeless plight scene.Anal hooks are inserted into both women while on their knees, and then he makes them unnaturally kneel on rice. He then administers the crop, cane and a tazzapper to inspire motion, where they are made to tug each other and move about on the corn. A very painful lesson for both of these.

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