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This isn’t actually racial humiliation. This is about finding the favorable qualities of becoming Asian & that makes you more attractive as a servant to Dominant ladies. Compared to other ethnicities that you have a tendency to be smooth/hairless, slender & with less human odor. Your penis size makes it easier for you to fit into chastity. I explain how you might never be an alpha male, bull or stud but should you devote your life to pleasing women in other manners, with your hands or mouth for instance, you are still able to be very helpful. If you set your mind to serving that you can find a delight in that intimacy. It features a sensual foreplay instruction with countdown while I train you to be highly aroused by the idea of sexually serving a Dominant lady. . .brain washing you into a new head set, to discover pride & joy from putting a womans needs before yours, the idea of satisfying a woman with your mouth. . .From the man who arranged this custom vid:”Amazing video! I really enjoyed it; I even enjoyed a few of items that I didnt understand that I had been into. A great deal of it actually resonated with me.I hope this does appeal to more folks than merely Asians. When you get beyond the Asian elements in the beginning, its just a goddess worship video for all guys that arent”studs” as you put it. I dont know if there has been a movie quiet like this. Its truly refreshing. I read a post the other day that kind of like how girl are being told that they need to become razor thin; men are also feeling pressured to look like body builders. Which for some men simply isnt realistic…”

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