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Kara and Vanda were best friends – until now. Kara has slept with Vandas boyfriend Michal a few days ago and she is very fortunate that Vanda consented to meet her at a pub today and explore this problem. Vanessa admits shes happy it was a one-off and Kara declares nearly in tears it will never happen again. Everything seems to be fine but Vandas mind is already thinking about a possible revenge. When Kara goes into the bathroom Vanda takes an extremely diuretic drug (Furon) from her pocket, crushes six tablets and pops all of that into Karas drink. Kara doesnt notice anything and happily beverages her juice. Vanda is then driving Kara home and almost instantly knows she did the perfect thing since Kara looks really nervous and refuses to answer questions concerning who shes about to bash tonight with. Its so obvious that her connection with Michal is not over yet! The tablets start working very soon, Kara is desperate to urine and Vanda stops the vehicle to allow her out because she doesnt want to have wet seats. Kara gets out of the vehicle just to understand the car stopped on a very public place – directly between a street and a highway. She wants to return but Vanda locks the car door and is only laughing when Kara wets her pants. Also theres no way discard allow her back in with wet trousers so she leaves and Kara is left at the highway…

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