– Boynapped!: A Kidnapper Falls for.. Sam Dixon & Bryan Manfield 2018 Male Handler

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The next day.

Manfield, blindfolded and naked, is tied to the cot. Dixon comes and starts making love to him, licking, licking and sucking on his body. Dixon takes Manfields dick inside his mouth and begins sucking. Manfields torso moves up, strikes contributes into his balls and cock, his gag and blindfold. Dixon stretches out himself over Manfields jumped body, licking and kissing his face. As best he could, manfield responds. Manfields blindfold is gradually pulled away by dixon, strokes kisses the tape, Manfields face. Manfield wishes he can reciprocate. Dixon contributes to Manfields penis, and sucks it. Unexpectedly Sizemore is heard coming. Dixon hastily simplifies the Manfields blindfold, whispering,”Hell kill me if he understands that you saw me”

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