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The last time Cherry Poppins left Dogfarts secret lair, she went home disgusted. You find a few negros did a graffitti amount on her behalf, kinda just like you see in a poor neighborhood. They wrote some pretty tough things all over her white skin: I LOVE BLACK COCK. . .BLACK COCK ONLY. . .that type of thing. She even called it stops from doing black men! After her initial shock wore off, and she realized the average 6 inch man wasnt enough, she was phoning us . Dogfart, being a forgiving guy, ” said SURE! Come Back! Obviously he had something special up his sleeve this time it was”Bring Your Fiance To Work Day.” And Cherry decided it would be an ideal time to break the news to her man that she did porn. . .and she loves black cock. Who to team up her than Shane Diesel? His cocks as thick as it is long, and after a good fucking, Cherry allow her guy do what any good cuckolds allowed to perform – enjoyment himself understanding his grandma got the fucking of her entire life.

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