– Oscar & Hayden Hayden & Oscar 2010 Jock

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I truly liked Haydens humble character and I was quite intrigued by the simple fact that hes quite new to sex and is still figuring it all out. He said he had just been a shirt and I hoped that he would try out the bottom end of things. Fortunately, was willing!He was nervous and excited when he met Oscar. Both guys are incredibly sexy but in quite opposite manners. Oscar is eloquent while Hayden is still hairy. Both have lean defined bodies along with a keen sense of experience when it comes to sex (and you cant go wrong with that).Have you seen that his dick yet? I asked Hayden.No.Oscar stood up and unzipped his pants so that Hayden can take a look. What do you think?Its nice, he responded shyly with a look of delight onto his face.It GROWS. Just to allow you to know. Oscar joked around with Hayden, kind of giving a sense there has been quite a bit of chemistryflirting between them both. However, I think about getting fucked, a great deal of it had to do. He had been prepared for it, likely more so when he watched Oscars difficult dick spring from his trousers and in his mouth. Hayden just may be daunted his taste for topping after that!

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