– Mia Austin utterly destroyed by.. Mia Austin & Matt Williams & Jack Hammer 2015 Smeared Makeup

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Simply wow. This is simply stunning. You are not going to see anything similar to this daily. Mia Austin is one of a sort, a real gem. The more we see of this one the more people fall to her. The raw honesty and absolute destruction that Mia voluntarily puts herself no holding back, is the type of thing that may take your breath away. This is sexual destruction in its finest.Completely mummified on a slant board with her perfect ass and face exposed, so Mia is ripe for the dicking down. What follows will be a total unraveling of this starlet. She’s blasted out of her head, roughly fucked until the whites of her eyes reveal. The relentless cock from the ends is dished out at this a punishing rate that Mia loses her thoughts. Moaning, muttering and coated in her own drool, this fuck toy is really a babbling mess.The destruction is effective and amazing as Mia is smashed into sexual subspace. She’s so far gone that she is a crying twitching shuttering pool of cum. If it weren’t for the enormous grin plastered across her tear streaked face, then we’d believe we broke that one. But to be fair, we did split her completely. And she loved each and every minute of it. Thank you my dear, today was certainly something special. Keep your eyes with this one, she is something unique.

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