Mistresst.com – Last Cum Before Life In Prison 2017 CHASTITY

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Custom vid, no title said. You’re sentenced to life imprisonment with no parole at a maximum security prison. Your crimes: using an extensive selection of porn, obtaining a sex habit, being obsessed with spans and tampons, fantasizing about girls that you see about, along with being a total pervert. I tease you with my entire body, saying that your life will be about confinement from today on and that it is the last time you will ever find a woman. I tell you you will be locked in a cell for 23 hours per day and only let out to get an hour of workout whilst heavily chained. In addition, your small 4 inch dick is going to be locked in chastity. To be able to get your penis I coax you to playoff one final time , for me, we must drain your balls. The woman youll come in touch with, that time youll ever ejaculate.

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