– Lubos Koryz – High Voltage Lubos Koryz & Mirek Cisler 2018 Chains

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In a brand-new class, High Voltage, we begin with Lubos Koryz. He is shackled to a seat as a Mirek Ceslar arrives and begins to whip him. Mirek whips Lubos back, after which his thighs and toes, before strapping him and wrapping it around neck and Lubos thighs, taking a chain contrary to the bench. Then his attention turns inserting a probe into the hole, then attached to a control panel. The current surges through the wire to reach that hot ass as the amount is dialed at by him. Lubos responds as his ass feels the pulsing, by jerking. His body twitches since the present increases. Mirek takes the whip and slashes in Lubos legs and body. Because his hole feels that the present entering him, lubos proceeds to twitch. He grimaces as he feels that the whip landing, and writhes. From his ass and the chains removed, with some closing whipping that the probe is removed Following a good session.

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