– Sitting Pretty Charlotte Sartre 2017 Dungeon

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Charlotte Sartre believes she’s as with any other weekend, just on a simple shopping trip. She moves to a furniture shop, searching for some type of chair to assist supply her new apartment, and O.T. is more than delighted to assist her look round his shop. She says that she doesnt want anything which is great because the collection of chairs he had are made of metal pipes bent into odd shapes. Finally she sits down on a single, her legs spread by the metal, and O.T. locks her throat into a metal collar. A woman with this tiny common sense doesnt deserve to escape that bondage, but O.T. knows what she’s deserve.O.T. Ties bends and Charlottes hair into pigtails them around her face and through her mouth to make a gag, he then tapes in place with masking tape. With her legs her tights are vulnerable, so he takes his knife and cuts so he could achieve between her thighs. He takes the bit of cloth he cut off, balls it up, and sticks it in her nose so she’s a much harder time breathing. Then he rubs his hand over her pussy through her panties to receive her ready for their next activity.Charlotte is shackled on a pole, her wrists and ankles locked in in some heavy metal bondage, and a metal wire gag laced throughout her mouth and then pulling at the sides of her lips and her lips. That just hurts, but doesnt do a terrific job keeping air from getting in or out, therefore O.T. pulls a plastic bag over her head to assist with some breath drama. He then starts whipping and flogging her body. Each breath and makes her even scared and each whine she tries to let out makes her more aware of the suffocation. What happens next would have you at the edge of the chair.

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