– Buck Wright Bound and Beaten Sebastian Keys & Buck Wright 2018 Rough Sex

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Position on a wooden box, shirtless and wearing black leather pants, Buck Wright is bound in crimson rope. Both of the wrists are attached into the ceiling and both ankles are fastened to the wooden platform on which he stands. He yells, grinning in anticipation as Sebastian Keys walks in to have his own way with him. Sebastian creeps up against him and grabs both Bucks nipples and provides em a tough squeeze that triggers Bucks cock to immediately get rock hard inside his currently tight leather trousers. Sebastian unleashes his leather crop and goes to work on Bucks buttocks, stomach, and chest. Sebastian slaps Bucks hard cock and unbuttons Bucks leather trousers, placing free his huge hard dick, wraps his lips around it and starts sucking. Sebastian subsequently flogs Bucks large dick then wraps it up with red rope, then teasing his bound balls with his tongue. We find Buck standing, blindfolded, and bound to the St. Andrews cross with a range of crimson rope. Sebastian grabs the crop and makes Buck lick it, shake the leather suggestion making every hit his whole body more painful. Sebastian applies two clamps to every one of Bucks nipples and has his electronic zapper. Sebastian zaps Bucks entire body including his balls and rewards him by sucking his cock. Sebastian removes the nipple clamps and pinches Bucks nipples making him scream in pain. Sebastian then suspends Buck in the St. Andrews cross along with his thighs spread with leather cuffs on his hands and ankles. Sebastian sinks his penis deep to Bucks exposed buttocks and pounds it challenging. After that, Buck is removed from the cross and then blows off Sebastians cock while he jerks his own till he receives a hot load in his mouth and shoots his own load all over the ground.

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